Why Qskin Canada

Back in time 15 years ago, our scientists at Qskin discovered several unique molecules in Natural American ginseng that can remarkably delay aging and induce skin cell regenerating and healing. They then spent years of research and study with the lab of the American developmental biologist best known for deriving the first human embryonic stem cell line, James Thomson. After billions of skin cell tests and 7000 mature recipes, the World’s first organic skincares with stem cells technology - Qskin has finally come to meet us. Our proprietary formulas aim to repair, rejuvenate and renewal your skin to its youngest state and natural perfection.

Our unique technologies also include the Global Leading HGH + QT technology in anti-wrinkle, dark spots removal & skin firming.  HGH is a set of 191 highly active single-chain peptide hormones that can activate every cell in the body.

Quantum is the smallest particle
that can enter and exit cells freely. It has high-frequency oscillating energy waves hundreds of millions of times per second, which can resonate with cells at the same frequency. It can increase the efficacy of a small amount of
medicine thousands of times.

Our Four Core Patented Technologies: 1) Small Molecule Aquaporin Osmosis Technology; 2) Lecithin Coated & Sustained-Release Technology; 3) Panax Quinquefolius Cell/Gene Repair Technology; 4) Nano-Diamond Targeted Therapy Technology, that make us the NEXT generation of skin care.

Experience the magical power from the World’s first natural skincare products with all the advanced technologies combined. Qskin, safe guard your beauty!

The Power Of World's Leading Technologies in Skin Firming and Brightening!

With over 4000000 skin cell tests, 60 professional R&D engineers and skin dermatologists at Qskin Canada have accomplished 32 patented inventions, 236 breakthrough achievements and 7000 mature recipes.

With one of the World's most precious ingredients - American Ginseng and other multiple organic & powerful herbs, Qskin Canada is the perfect presentation of Advanced Skincare Achievement.