Benefits Of Using Organic Lipsticks

Lipsticks are an essential part of the make-up kit for most women and they are certainly very picky about the shades and quality of the same. A quick touch-up can greatly add to the charm and make them feel confident about their looks. This is an important reason why lipsticks are chosen very meticulously by the female gender across the globe. There’s a lot of playing around with shades when it comes to lipsticks, different shades of lipsticks are used to carry the different styles of outfits for varied occasions.

Organic Lipsticks

How are lipsticks made?

Most women have very little knowledge about what their lipsticks are made of and how it impacts their skin. You must learn about the ingredients used in the creation of lipsticks before applying themto your lips. So what generally goes into the creation of the lipsticks readily available in the market? Well, the exact set of ingredients used varies depending on the brand and type of lipstick in question. However, most lipsticks do contain beeswax, carnauba wax, candelilla wax, olive oil, lanolin oil, mineral oils, shea butter, cocoa butter, pigment, etc.

A combination of the three wax mentioned above is generally used in a majority of lipsticks to give it the right texture. It also helps with the development of the right shape of lipsticks. Various types of oils including minerals, castor, lanolin, or vegetables are also added to the wax to give it a fluid texture.Wax and oils combined addup to 60% of the lipstickingredients by weight.To prevent lipsticks from being rancid, different types of pigments and fragrance is also added in the manufacturing process.

Other ingredients used can vary depending on the type of lipstick you are buying. It could contain complex organic compounds or natural ingredients. Natural and organic lipsticks are being widely preferred by conscious consumers as they are not harmful to the skin and naturally brings a glow. Let’s take a quick dive into some interesting benefits offered by pure organic lipsticks.

pure organic lipsticks

Why you should choose organic lipsticks?

Makeup has become an essential part of everyday living for most women. However, the daily application of chemically infused make-up products can cause irreparable damage to your skin cells. Natural and organic make-up products can help you overcome this challenge by offering a skin-friendly alternative. Switching to pure organic lipsticks should be on top of your priority list. Here’s why you must choose it for a healthy skincare routine.


  1. Eco-friendly

If you want to become a part of the conscious consumer club then switching to organic lipsticks is a no-brainer as it is an eco-friendly substitute. Traditional lipsticks and make-up products use petroleum-based ingredients and chemical components in the manufacturing process. Compounds like petroleum, lead and aluminium that are used in the process of most beauty product creation are not just harsh for skin but also require extensive mining.

  1. Nutrient-rich

Our skin possesses the ability to retain certain compounds once it's applied to it. Protective barriers components present in make-up products can help it to keep dangerous compounds away to an extent. However, there is still a fair possibility that your skin can be damaged using these chemical compounds infused in non-organic make-up products. Pure organic products are nutrient-rich and give the required nourishment to your skin. The best colour changing lip balm from QSkinCanada is a good example of how organic skincare products can keep your skin hydrated, nourished and attractive.

best colour changing lip balm
  1. Natural colours & fragrance

Pure organic lipsticks are not just great for hydrating your lips and keeping them healthy but also provide a rich colour to your lips. Besides this, it has a natural fragrance extracted from essential oils which don’t harm your tender skin in any way. The natural aroma also lasts longer as compared to toxic chemically infused fragrances.

Pure organic lipsticks

Final Words

These are some of the most important benefits of using organic lipsticks for your skin. You must check for the USDA, FDA or other certifications issued to brands promoting and selling organic skincare products before your buy one. Reputed global skincare brands like QskinCanada not only offer a wide range of organic lipsticks and other products but also ensure that they match the standards set b different regulatory bodies.

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